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We have a long history of providing trailer mounted and skid mounted jetters and we've distributed engine driven pressure washers and engine driven machines since 1977.


In 2012 we decided to have a re-think when it came to our range of wheelie bin cleaning machines.

Our new range of wheelie bin washers utilises a pre-moulded baffled water tank and a pre-approved EU trailer, which vastly improved lead times and reduced manufacturing costs.

We also introduced some new engines, a wider range of pumps - including a heavy duty version that could pump grit, sand or salty water, and a skid mounted version for fixing to your own trailer or to be used as a permanent site based machine.


We took a fresh approach and standardised many of the components in our new range of bin wash trailer mounted units.

Using our standard EU "Type Approved" trailers means we now have chassis ready built and off the shelf, simply because we use lots of these trailers when we build other jet wash machines.

Our roto-moulded tanks are also standard, and we've used the same tank for many years on other jetters and pressure washers as well as the new range of bin wash machines.

This means that manufacturing the unit is much easier for us, and we don't have to build it from scratch or bespoke manufacture all of the individual components.


The result is faster lead times (we have produced machines in less than 2 weeks) and bin wash machines are usually in stock ready to go. We strive to beat prices for other models of wheelie bin washers - and because we're very well established in a competitive industry we have the buying power and an established range of European component suppliers to ensure we remain competitive.


However it doesn't stop there; We're continually developing our range of wheelie bin cleaners and listening to our customers. While exhibiting at the Cleaning Show in the NEC 2013 we talked to over 100 visitors, potential clients and bin wash operators in 3 days and took note of all the comments. We've already improved the bin wash machine based on this feedback and have a new model launch for 2014.


The new 2014 version still uses the original, sturdy EU Type Approved trailer and chassis, and the robust galvanised original frame that we used on the earlier Morclean models, though we've improved a few features, tweaked a few of the screws and fixings, and designed a new front cover. To reflect this change and new model launch we've also changed the colour of the tanks to blue, to match the new covers.